The KEIPER Underwater Treadmill is based on the latest technology:

- aesthetic design

- optimum, coordinated functions

- compact, ergonomic design

All metal components are made from polished, stainless steel, material numbers 1.4301 and 1.4571. A 10 mm stainless steel base plate and a solid INOX angular construction guarantee a durable, torsionally stiff design for the support of the water tank made of special aquarium glass.

Cleaning agents will not adversely affect the surface or transparency of the four sides of the tank (important for therapy observation).

A folded stainless steel sheet treadmill design seems to hang almost weightlessly in the tank. This is because of the one-side-mounted, elegant-looking spindle lifting apparatus for adjusting the height of the treadmill. Non-contact limit switches at the top and bottom end positions prevent inadvertent operating failures of the lifting mechanism.
Millimeter-accurate positioning allows the required working height to be set and permanently held.

The belt speed can be variably adjusted using a rotary potentiometer within a range of 0.1 to 1.4 m/sec.


The removable (for cleaning purposes) sides of the treadmill prevent the dog from coming off the treadmill. This also applies to the secure tread confinements mounted on the two face sides of the treadmill. There are no structures over the tank which could restrict observation or working with the ‘patient’.

Compact design means that the tank takes up an absolute minimum of space. The complete system can be assembled and delivered as a unit and be ready for use in a very short time. Costly and time-consuming component assembly thus is avoided.

As the tank width is less than 800 mm it will easily fit through most standard door frames.

The treadmill surface is made of a special non-skid material and has been tested for long-term use in water.

The safe low voltage drive motor is the heart of the KEIPER Underwater Treadmill!

It guarantees:

Complete safety and extremely smooth operation !

No drive chains, belts or hydraulics.
No potentially dangerous high voltages as used in conventional drive motors
No additional, obtrusive motor structures above or in the water tank

The state-of-the-art direct current barrel-type motor is integrated within the belt roll and saves using the usual components such as gear wheels, drive chains or belts, transmissions and engine mounting. The 24 Volt underwater motor is the latest result of the continual development of the millionfold proven barrel-type motor: space-saving, low-maintenance, power-effective and secure!

The ideal solution for powering underwater treadmills!

There is no other underwater treadmill in the market, which can offer such an attractive combination of compact size yet versatile usage as the KEIPER treadmill!

Furthermore there are numerous additional extras and options such as the filter and sterilization applications, water heating, remote control panel, cleaning device for the tank, lifting and working platforms etc, all of which will make working with the KEIPER treadmill easier and more enjoyable!


You are purchasing therapy equipment which has been manufactured to the highest standards in terms of care, experience and precision.

The company KEIPER was established in 1919 and has been successfully managed in its third generation for more than 25 years by Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Rainer Burckart. We have over 40 years of manufacturing experience in the field of conveying equipment.

The KEIPER Underwater Treadmill for dogs has been designed and manufactured in consultation with veterinary experts. It goes without saying that our products are delivered and serviced by specially trained personnel.

As you are purchasing the equipment direct from the manufacturer, we can guarantee an attractive price !