Use of the Underwater Treadmill

The KEIPER Underwater Treadmill is used by veterinary practitioners for the specialist physiotherapeutic treatment of dogs.

Hydrotherapy has been demonstrated to be particularly successful in post-operative treatment following orthopedic operations or joint or spinal injuries.

The dog’s weight is reduced by up to 90 % under water; this considerably reduces the strain on the joints and encourages the ‘patient’ into active movement. Individual programs can be designed for the optimum training or rebuilding of weakened muscle groups.

Hydrotherapy is also effective in preventing such resulting sicknesses as arthrosis, wear and tear or muscle hardening. Convalescence times are shortened.

- Dramatic reduction of convalescence times through aqua jogging, following operations, injury and illness
- Training in water means that there is no additional strain on the joints during rehabilitation, fitness training or weight loss training
- Effective help for faster healing of neurological irritations
- Movement therapy, muscle and circulation training
- Treatment of lameness and coordination disruptions of the locomotor system
- Complete training programs from swimming to full-load performance training
- Significant acceleration of the healing process after orthopedic interventions
- Compensation for lack of movement and improving overall fitness by building up muscles and suppleness
- Swimming or running against the current using the counter current application
- Warm baths with a thermostat-controlled water temperature of 10 - 40 ºC
- Dry run training
- Water jet massage in and out of the water
- Disinfection baths


Perfect technology, design and functioning

* Optimum, secure working and training conditions for animals and personnel

** Timeless elegant ergonomic design

*** Simple, modern and extremely low-noise technology

**** Compact, space-saving design

***** Solid, durable and easy-to-maintain design

****** Components made of the high-quality materials

******* Uncomplicated and quick installation, ready for use in a very short time

******** Comprehensive range of accessories such as lifting platform, water
cleaning system including sterilization, water heater, remote control panel,
skimmer, counter current features etc.