The  W a t e r - W a l k e r ®

……………………………………….both our and your trump card!

Maximum operating safety With the innovative 24 Volt underwater treadmill drive system, exact positional automatic switch-offs,
an additional pull emergency stop switch,
secure tread protection confinements etc.

Ideal working conditions Through height adjustment, the treadmill is suitable for all sizes and races of dogs; the level of the water tank can also be adjusted.
Optimum therapeutic observation With our ‘clear view’ aquaristic glass panels, which unlike acrylic glass will not scratch or dim after frequent cleaning.
Great success Documented by references from across Europe,
Innovation Prize 2004, patented industrial design, patent
applied for, and much more

Minimum operating costs Thanks to multiple re-using of the water through special filter systems and energy-efficient electric drives.

Stress-free operation For the dog: smooth, quiet operation and open vision
in all directions
For the therapist: ergonomic design.

Short amortization time Return on investment (ROI) possible within pproximately 2 - 3 years.

Simple Operation Using the fixed operating panel for all key functions,
fitted directly on the brim of the tank.

High-performance multiple filter system Skimmer pre-filter removes dog hairs, coarse filter - large surface area, reusable and exchangeable fine-filter cartridge.

Varied training Adjustable treadmill speed for rehabilitation measures, performance training and fitness.

Pleasant water temperature By thermostat and time-controlled flow heater
Comfortable access

Using a commercially-available, movable lifting platform outside the water tank or a ramp subject to the local circumstances.

Easy cleaning By using a moderately priced, steam or water jet
cleaner which is obtainable everywhere.

High acceptance Documented by successful use at universities, veterinary clinics and animal physiotherapists, vets and animal health centers.

Trend-setter Intelligent, compact, classic design.

High-quality construction Based on over 40 years experience of designing and constructing conveying equipment made of the highest quality materials (stainless steel, glass, etc.).

Multiple applications With the KEIPER Jet Streamer (counter current appliance) and integrated water massage, disinfection baths, belt fastening for swimming support.

Very low maintenance effort By using high-quality construction elements and simple, robust, certified technology and solid design for everyday commercial use.

Comprehensive useful accessories Treatment time stop watch, water thermometer
water overflow warning indicator, grippers, fixed bowl for treats etc.