Technical Specifications:

Water Tank (standard design)

Dimensions: approximately L 1,750 mm x W 790 mm x H 1,200 mm
(including supports)
consisting of:
- a solid angular frame including base plate of stainless steel
- U-shaped sectional steel supports with non-skid, height-adjustable stands
- all 4 side walls made from a special aquarium glass. Resistant against any
conventional washing and cleaning products.
- 1 1/2“ water drain hole in the bottom

Special water tank dimensions on request.




Dimensions: approximately L 1,400 mm x W 500 mm x H 150 mm
consisting of:
- a solid stainless steel box frame and a non-skid underwater running belt of PVC
- removable tread protection devices alongside and on the face side
- belt guide and driving drum of stainless steel
- a 24V low voltage barrel-type motor 0.37 kW (extra low voltage)!
- 4 slide bearings including retaining plates for the lifting mechanism
- a variably adjustable belt speed within the range of 0.1 – 1.4 m/sec.
Weight: approximately 100 kg max.

Special treadmill dimensions on request.

Total weight, tank and treadmill (without water): approximately 520 kg


Lifting mechanism (standard design)

For adjusting the treadmill height in the water tank
consisting of:
- a stainless steel lifting spindle including a spindle gearing and standard three phase ac motor (0.37 kW) (mounted under the base plate)
- 2 stainless steel guiding axles
- safety limit switch above and below
- maximum lift: 615 mm
- maximum usable water depth: 750 mm

Drive and electric connections

consisting of:
a sheet steel switch cabinet 600 mm x 760 mm x 210 mm with maintenance main switch, back-up fuses, error-current circuit breaker, motor overload protector, current measuring relay, power contactors and contactor relays, power supply 400 V AC – 26 V DC, DC control 25 A, emergency stop button and all terminals and wiring accessories required.
The equipment requires a power current connection.
The sheet steel switch cabinet should be mounted close to the tank, on the wall.

The following functions are integrated in an operation panel mounted on the tank rim:

Water Walker on/off, treadmill on/off, spindle lift up/down, treadmill speed slow/fast, filter pump on/off, heating on/off