I. Filter equipment with integrated heating

a.) Water filter and pump (included in offer price)!

- Filter/pump unit for separate installation consisting of a cylindrical cartridge filter, a connected circulation pump with a pre-filter chamber, a plastic base plate, inlet and outlet pipes to the tank and a water drain connection. All pipes are fitted with ball valve stop valves.

Technical data:
Rate of flow: approximately 5 m³/h
Degree of filtration: 20 - 30 µm
Power input: 0.35 kW
Connection: 230 Volt
Filter surface: approximately 2.5 m²
Dimensions: Length: 840 mm, width 620 mm, height 550 mm

Exchangeable filter cartridges that are reusable after cleaning ensure a
long life and long service intervals.

Filter/pump system operated using the central control unit or remote panel on the brim of the tank.

Mechanical impurities are immediately filtered out, ensuring that the glass walls, tank floor and treadmill remain clean. The water quality remains clean and usable for a longer time, contributing to environmental protection, reduced costs and a hygienic operation.

b.) Water heating (included in offer price)!

Flow heater with temperature settings from 0º to 40 ºC for installation under the tank’s base plate. On/off switch via control unit on the brim of tank. Temperature can be directly preset on the flow heater. The flow heater may only be operated in conjunction with the filter or circulation pump. Double malfunction protection.

Technical data:
Power: 6 kW
Connection: 400 Volt
Heating: from 18º to 30º in approximately 3.5 hours

The water can be brought up to and maintained at a designated temperature - regardless of inflow temperature. Cold shocks which may cause muscle cramping and other such problems for the dogs to be treated or trained are therefore avoided.

In order to avoid expensive heat loss from the tank, the water should be covered with suitable insulating material (e.g. polystyrene or bubble wrap) during treatment interruptions or overnight.

Automatic thermostat control maintains a constant temperature.

II. Treadmill (without tank)

It is, of course, possible for the underwater treadmill to be sold separately and installed in a customer’s therapy tank. An even surface area of approximately 1,500 mm x 700 mm is required. The required water depths can be regulated by increasing or reducing the amount of water in the tank.
A treadmill lifting mechanism is no longer required.
All other features are identical to the ones of the water tank integrated treadmill.


III. Counter current equipment (included in offer price)!
including connection for water massage
with hose and shower head attachment

IV. Lifting platform (in front of water tank)
To alleviate access to the tank,
electrically adjustable height, without retainer,
non-skid rubber coated surface. The whole platform moves
once the foot switch on the bottom frame is operated.
Height adjustable from 470 mm to 970 mm with either remote control or, if requested, foot-operated control. Table platform 1,200 mm x 600 mm.
Due to its solid design, this table will not “wobble”, therefore guaranteeing trouble-free operation.
Weight limit: approximately 130 kg